Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Software solution for virtual tours

Did you notice that in the last years the people that are working in big companies are always calling the software gui, the IT gui to solve all kinds of stupid problems?

It is incredible that in this domain, that now has more than 30 years, people are still afraid of using a computer with their own head, they are still seeking help for most things that seem a bit complicated, they still need a ton of assistance with ieven the most trivial things that can be made with a computer.

Now... I don't want to criticize software makers, but they don't have good writing guides about how to be used (here the exception is made by a software company that builds Software solution for virtual tours) - the software is a SAAS that can be found at tourwizard.net and I am thinking out loud - it would be incredible if all the software solutions out there would be so user friendly like this one, with extended guides, with a lot of tutorials, with great support and a great team of active developers behind the stage.

Unfortunately... the surprises will also came from the areas yuou are expecting the less - as the software made by Microsoft, Apple and other major companies is always bloated with a lot of problems, issues related to compatibility, problems that are obstructing the personell workflow and so on.

And as I was telling in the beginning of the article, all the problem are going to the tech gui - unless it is a very nice software, like the tour wizard creator.